Belgrade, 2004

Belgrade,  SPC Academy of Arts and Conservation, (M. Tadić and the Academy students, 2004)

(44° 49′ 01″ N,  20° 27′ 05″ E)

CAM01330 08 avgust 2014Fig. 1. The sundial celebrates the 600th anniversary of the first mechanical clock in Moscow, constructed by the Serbian monk Lazar

02-Beograd-tadicFig. 2. The inscription is the quote from from the Russian 16th century chronicles:The Master and artist was a monk, a Serb named Lazar…”

Fig. 3. May 7, 2022: ripe for renovation.
Fig. 4. February 2024.


Тошић, Г. и Тадић, М. (2004). Хиландарски монах Лазар, први српски часовничар. Крагујевац: Каленић.