Travnik (BiH), 2023

44° 13′ 34″ N, 17° 39′ 36″ E

On the twelfth of April 2023, an ambient of educational workshop entitled “Sundial: make it yourself” was held in the organization of the Regional Museum of Travnik. The workshop was held during the cultural event “Andrić Days 2023”.

Fig. 1. The educational workshop was held in the grounds of the Medieval fortress “Stari Grad” from the 15th century, in front of the vertical sundial that was installed in 2023 (see: ).
Fig. 2. The workshop was attended by a group of 6th and 7th grade Elementary school Travnik students led by museum educators, pedagogues Amela Tiro and architect Sabina Maslić.
Fig. 3. All participants received 1:1 scale drawings, an example of a completed sundial, and the necessary explanations.
Fig. 4. Young watchmakers-gnomonists engaged in their work
Fig. 5. Fantastic children’s imagination made every sundial masterpiece. (What time was the photo taken ☺️?
Fig. 6. After a group photo with Fatima Maslić, director of the Regional Museum, under the sundial at the Medieval fortress “Stari Grad”, the workshop participants went home satisfied, each with their own sundial. (What time was the photo taken ☺️?