Belgrade, 2022: the season’s over

Elementary School King Petar I (ОШ „Краљ Петар Први”), 43 Maršala Birjuzova street

(44° 48′ 57″ N, 20° 27′ 18″ E, А = 112°)

Figure 1. Plan of the school with its surroundings. The arrow shows the place where the sundial was placed.
Figure 2. There is a school playground in front, so the sundial is placed high, out of reach of soccer balls.
Figure 3. Aleksandar Petrović and Ratomir Veselinović performed the work at a “high level”.
Figure 4. Assemblers, satisfied after successfully completed work.
Figure 5. The sundial was installed on the eve of October 13, when the wall was already in shadow. The sun shone on it only the next day around noon, when it was officially “put into operation”. This is the end of the sundial construction season in 2022. (The traditional construction season in Serbia lasts from St. George’s Day to the St. Demetrius Day, May 6 – November 8.)