Ljig, 2015

Ljig (Serbia), “1300 kaplara” high school, (M. Tadić, M. Hrnjazović, 2015)

(44° 13′ 17″ N,  20° 14′ 17″ E)

Fig. 1. The sundial was placed high on the wall so that the motto
Ни корака назад (No step back) literally applied to those who installed the sundial.
Fig. 2. A group portrait after the installation

Fig. 3. Students looking at the new sundial. Inscription “Not a single step back!” is the password used by the famous Serbian 1300 corporals during the entire World War I. Most of them were students of the Belgrade University. Two-thirds of them died during the war.

Fig. 4. The facade of the school was renovated, so the sundial had to be dismantled. It was painted again and placed in April 2024 on the same wall, only at a lower height. The sundial was painted and mounted by school teachers.