Pojate, 2022

Church of the Holy Apostle Thomas (the sundial sponsored by Prof. Nenad Živković, PhD)

(43°44′ 45″ N, 21°27′ 09″ E, А = 90°)

Figure 1. The Church of the Holy Apostle Thomas was built in 2010. The church is oriented exactly in the west-east direction.
Figure 2. The sundial is set at 6 m in height. As far as we know, this is the first sundial mounted from a forklift.
Figure 3. At a temperature of 31 ° C, the assembly was performed without a hat by Simo Tegeltija and Nenad Živković. Nikola Krstić assisted them from the ground.
Figure 4. The forklift was given by Nebojša Mićić and Vladan Milojković. Forklift was masterfully managed by Radiša Mićić.
Figure 5. Masters, immediately after the end of the work (just before the “landing”).
Figure 6. After two and a half hours of work, the church sundial was put into operation. With its direction, the shadow will show the daily hours on the semicircular dial. Below the dial, dots mark the hyperbole for October 19. On that day, the end of the shadow will go along the hyperbole and silently announce the church holiday, Tomindan, which is dedicated to the patron saint of the church.
Figure 7. October 19, 2022 (October 6, Julian calendar), the feast of Saint Thomas (Serbian Cyrillic: Томиндан): the end of the shadow moved along the daily hyperbola marked by dots at one-hour intervals.