Sarajevo, 1986

Sarajevo (BIH), M. Šego stone-carvig workshop, (M. Tadić, S. Gavrić, Ž. Vuković, 1986)

(43° 51′ 52″ N,  18° 24′ 46″ E)


Fig. 1. The sundial pictured at the summer solstice in 1986 (left), and the same wall after the civil war.

Fig. 2. During the civil war, the object on which the sundial was located was demolished, and the sundial disappeared. It is not known who took it. Thirty years after that, an ad appeared on the Internet in which exactly that sundial is offered at a price of 1,800 KM (920 euros)?! The seller obviously does not know that this sundial cannot be placed on any wall 🙂.


Tadić, M. (1998). Sundials: The Silent Voice of Time. Bulletin 98.3, p. 37-38.