Valjevo, 2006

Valjevo (Serbia), “Andra Savčić” primary school, 2006

(44° 16′ 38.5″ N,  19° 53′ 13″ E)

Montaza_3Fig. 1. The installation; the inscription: The Sun shines to everyone

In addition to the day-lines for equinox and solstices, there are day-lines for the birthdays of the famous Serbians: Desanka Maksimović (1898-1994, the greatest Serbian poetess), Milutin Milanković (1879-1958, Serbian scientist, the author of the astronomical climate change theory), Nikola Tesla (1856-1943, the genius electrical engineering inventor) and Jovan Cvijić (1865-1927, the greatest Serbian geographer)


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