Belgrade, 1932

Belgrade (Serbia), Belgrade Astronomical Observatory (V. V. Mišković, A. Bertoto, 1932)

(44° 48′ 08″ N, 20° 30′ 47″ E)

Opservatorija-DFig. 1.  Orthophoto: the marble carved sundial (50 x 50 cm) is located between the Big Refractor dome (right) and the Small Refractor dome (left)

Opservatorija-BFig. 2. The sundial is located on a path, in the center of circular widening

Zvezdara-1Fig. 3. The sundial in front of the Meridian dome (School dome) (photo. 2009)


Tadić, M. (1998). Professor Mišković’s Sundial (The Sundial of the Belgrade Astronomic Observatory. Nat. Sci. IV (2), 67-72