Mostar (BIH), Haji Memia Mosque, Mostar; early 20th century, probably

(43° 20′ 24″ N, 17° 48′ 37″ E)

Figure 1. Hadži Memia mosque in Mostar, views from the north and south. It was built in the first half of the 17th century.
Figure 2. A sundial is carved on the southeast side of the base of the minaret. The clock face for alafranca hours consists of Eastern Arabic numbers from 11 to 8, respectively. For most of the day the sundial is in the shadow cast by the surrounding trees.

Figure 3. The orthognomon has not been preserved, nor is the place where it was mounted. In 2020, experts from the National Museum in Sarajevo set up a new orthognomon, but with the wrong length and in the wrong place.

Figure 4. This is what the sundial should look like: the existing rod should be removed and the spike should be installed as shown in this photo montage.


Сунчани сат Хаџи Мемијине џамије у Мостару — Википедија

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