Ćićevac, 2023

Еlementary school “Dositej Obradović” (the sundial sponsored by Prof. Nenad Živković, PhD, former pupil of this school)

43° 43′ 21″ N, 21° 26′ 41″ E, A = 94,5°

Figure 1. Ortofoto of the elementary school “Dositej Obradović” in Ćićevac. The longitudinal axis of the building deviates from the equinoctial direction by 4.5° to the ESE.
Figure 2. After it was decided to place the sundial above the main entrance, the director of the school, Biljana Erdeljanov, hired a craftsman to place a styrofoam base on the chosen spot.
Figure 3. Sundial outline with default colors.
Figure 4. The painting was done by Vladimir Milić, himself a former pupil of this school.
Figure 5. After Professor  Živković fixed the metal numbers and the shadow pointer (polos), the sundial was put into operation. The accuracy of the sundial is reduced to the value of the equation of time. All school departments received the appropriate table so that pupils cannot justify being late to class with the sundial.
Figure 6. Given that Professor Živković is a geographer, he presented the school with a sundial and a board on which the geographic coordinates and altitude of the school are written. The board was placed in the school hall. Thus, the pupils have a complete orientation, temporally and spatially.