Banja Luka, 2023

The sundial is a gift to the city from the Rotary Club “Banja Luka”. The sculptural sundial design was created by Rotary Club “Banja Luka” and Dr. Mladen Miljanović from Banja Luka. The calculations were done by Dr. Milutin Tadić from Belgrade. The conceptual and executive project development was carried out by the company “Projekt” in Banja Luka. The development of the sundial was executed by the company “Mašinmont” in Laktaši under the leadership of Engineer Milorad Janjić.

44° 46’ 25” N, 17° 11’ 24” E

Figure 1. The technical drawing of the sundial, along with drone footage taken on April 22, 2023 of the completed sundial. The photo credit goes to Aleksandar Čavić, who is also the author of the cover photos.
Figure 2. The parts of the sundial are made of steel and were subjected to accelerated chemical erosion to achieve a specific aesthetic effect. The photos were taken in the workshop of “Mašinmont” in Laktaši, and the photo credit goes to Milorad Janjić.
Figure 3. The sundial consists of three parts that were welded together on April 20 on site (the corner of Vidovdanska and Greek Streets, under the supervision of Eng. Darija Dojčinović (photo: Ana Babić, Mladen Miljanović).
Figure 4. Sundial photographed at different times from different angles. Daily hours (CET + 1) are read according to the direction of the triangular shadow pointer. The photo credit goes to Ana Babić, Mladen Miljanović and Zlatko Jurić.
Figure 5. The sundial was officially unveiled on April 22nd, which is both the Day of the City of Banja Luka and Earth Day. The ceremony was presided over by Mayor Draško Stanivuković and the president of the Rotary Club “Banja Luka”, Dr. Milan Mataruga. The photo credit goes to Rotary Club “Banja Luka”.
Figure 6. A node is cut at the hypotenuse of the shadow pointer, at a height of h = 80 cm (as indicated by the red arrow). The image, taken on April 22nd, clearly shows that the shadow cut (as indicated by the green arrow) falls on the corresponding hyperbola.
Figure 7. Not long after the ceremonial opening, curious passers-by put the sundial into operation. As always, children had their special methods of verification. The photo credit goes to Jelena Veselinović and Zlatko Jurić.
Figure 8. With its benches, the sundial is recommended as a place of rest and a meeting point.
Figure 9. Autumn Equinox 2023 (photo: Ana Babić)