Motovun, early 19th century (probably)

Motovun (Croatia), St. Stephen’s Church, at the earliest in the early 19th century

(45° 20′ 02″ 12 N,  13° 49′ 42″ E)

Figure 1. St. Stephen’s Church was built in the 17th century; the sundial was subsequently placed at the southwest corner of the church, about six meters above the ground (photo: Berislav Horvatić, 2021).
Figure 2. The sundial is made on a marble slab, with a node on a long bar (photo: Berislav Horvatić, 2021).
Figure 3. The sundial of St. Stephen’s Church is important because, as far as we know, it is the only old wall sundial in the former Yugoslavia with an analemma drawn on it (photo: Berislav Horvatić, 2021).