Pančevo, 2014

Pančevo (Serbia), “Vasa Živković” primary school, (M. Tadić, N. Stanić, B. Krstin, 2014)

(44° 52′ 38″ N, 20° 38′ 06″ E)

Fig. 1. The unfinished (unpainted) sundial. Nataša Stanić’s haiku from the poetry book “Multiverse of Love” (Belgrade, 2014) was chosen as the motto. The translation of the motto reads:
A silent pointer
Measures our time by the Sun
Shadows running away
Fig. 3. Geography teacher Biljana Krstin (first from the right) with Nataša Stanić and her class in front of the sundial in the making.
Fig. 4. Photo with the Principal of the school after the sundial was “put into operation”
Fig. 5. Next to the sundial, a board was subsequently placed on which the geographical coordinates and altitude of the place, and the geographical azimuth of the wall were written.
Fig. 6. Almost ten years later: pupils tidy up the school yard, in the background you can see the sundial, the colors of which have been renewed in the meantime.