Sundials in Varaždin (Croatia), 17-18 century

Figure 1. Franciscan Friary and the Church of St. John the Baptist (46° 18′ 29″ N, 16° 20′ 11″ E), 1743. The lengths of day and night in the course of the year, rounded to full hours, are written on the left side,  the hours of sunrise and sunset, rounded to half hours, on the right side, and the figures on the strips below are probably the year of construction of the sundial and of its subsequent renovations (photo: Berislav Horvatić, 2021).
Figure 2. Jesuit College and the Church of St. Mary, since 1997 the Cathedral (46° 18′ 29″ N, 16° 20′ 22″ E), 1653 (photo: Berislav Horvatić, 2021).
Figure 3. Capuchin Monastery and the Church of the Holy Trinity (46° 18′ 18″ N, 16° 20′ 02″ E), early 18th century (photo: Berislav Horvatić, 2021).